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Friday, 22 November 2019
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  • NOVEMBER 23 - 26 / 4 DAYS / IT. C - $3390
  • NOVEMBER 30 - 07 DEC / 8 DAYS / IT. A - $7090
  • DECEMBER 07 - 10 / 4 DAYS / IT. C - $3390
  • DECEMBER 10 - 14 / 5 DAYS / IT. D - $4435








The Galapagos Elite Currently under construction, the Galapagos Elite is scheduled to take to the sea in June 2019. When the Elite reaches the azure waters of the Galapagos Islands as the newest mega catamaran in the islands, it will reinvent luxury, class and travel experience. 
A sleek, twin-hulled catamaran, it will provide its guests with a steady and safe cruise.  The design of the Elite allows for more space per guest on board, including integrated social areas that blend indoor and outdoor designs and experiences. All Suites on board the Galapagos Elite will be spacious, comfortable and well-appointed: the perfect place to relax and recharge after a day spent exploring the islands. Each suite will have grand windows for panoramic ocean views, private outdoor balcony, as well as a natural light frosted glass wall restroom in each suite.  All beds are convertible in two twin beds or one king size bed. Our professional cuisine specialists prepare three delicious, nutritious meals per day: breakfast and mainly lunch will be served buffet-style, with a more elegant sit-down dinner served in the al fresco dining area on the partially covered sky deck. Elite’s interior passengers lounge feature a 180 degree panoramic view salon on the main deck. Guests of all ages, will enjoy the ample, semi-covered sky deck, the al fresco dining area and the cozy bar-salon. Special dietary needs are never a problem and kids’ meals are available, including kosher food (barters). Golden Galapagos Cruises has plenty experience with cruising the islands, the ships and visitors’ needs. The professionals at Golden Galapagos are well-known in the industry for their perfectionism when it comes to planning and operating luxury cruises. Golden Galapagos makes a point of always hiring the best captains, guides, chefs and crews for the vessels they operate; they believe that the people, not the ship itself, is what will make the trip memorable for their guests. The Elite is scheduled for an enviable itinerary with visits to the best visitor sites the Galapagos islands and seas have to offer. Within the archipelago we have long and short itineraries covering Western, Central and Eastern islands. Needless to say, the Galapagos Elite will feature state-of-the-art navigation computers and safety equipment: safety and reliability are essential parts of any Galapagos luxury experience.






SAT AM: San Cristobal Airport​: Arrival and Transfer to the boat  
PM: San Cristobal: El Junco Lagoon (HK)  
SUN AM: North Seymour (HK/SN)
PM: Santa Cruz: Dragon Hill  (HK/SN)
MON AM: Isabela: Sierra Negra Volcano / Tintoreras  (HK/SN)
PM: Isabela: Breeding Center / wetlands  (HK)
TUE AM: Isabela: Moreno Point (HK/SN)
PM: Isabela:  Urbina Bay (HK/SN)     
WED AM: Fernandina: Espinosa Point  (SN)
PM: Isabela: Vicente Roca Point (SN)
TRU AM:Rabida (HK/SN)
PM: Bartolome (HK/SN)
FRI AM: San Cristobal: Witch Hill  (HK/SN)
PM: San Cristobal: Lobos Island (HK/SN) 
SAT AM: San Cristobal: Interpretation Center (HK/SN)
San Cristobal: Transfer to the Airport
SAT AM: San Cristobal Airport​: Arrival and Transfer to the boat  
PM: San Cristobal: David Rodriguez Breeding Center (HK)  
SUN AM: Espanola: Suarez Point (HK)
PM: Espanola: Garned Bay / Garned Islet / Osborn Islet (HK/SN)
MON AM: Floreana: Cormorant Point / Champion Islet  (HK/SN)
PM: Floreana: Post Office bay / Baronesse Lock Out  (HK)
TUE AM: Baltra: Mosquera Islet (HK/SN)
PM: Santa Cruz:  Charles Darwin Research Station (HK)     
WED AM: Genovesa: Price Philips Stepst / El Barranco  (HK/SN)
PM: Genovesa: Darwin Bay (HK/SN)
TRU AM: Santiago: Espumilla Beach / Buccaneer Cove (HK/SN)
PM: Santiago: Egas Port (HK/SN)
FRI AM: Santa Cruz: Bachas beach  (HK/SN)
PM: Santa Cruz: Twins Crtaers And The Highland (HK) 
SAT AM: San Cristobal: Kicker Rock (HK/SN)
San Cristobal: Transfer to the Airport

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